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September 9-10, 2015 - Rohnert Park

Leadership Challenge 

September 28-29, 2015 - Los Angeles

Role of the Chief's Executive Assistant

October 12-15, 2015 - San Diego
Role of the Police Chief

October 24-27, 2015 - Chicago, IL
IACP Conference

November 1-3, 2015 - Sacramento

WLLE Training Symposium

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As June comes to a close, legislation is finding its way through its second legislative house. Assembly bills are now in the Senate being heard in policy committees and Senate bills are working their way through the Assembly. 
Click here for the a list of all bills we are tracking.
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Member Spotlight


We all know the summer heat can take a lot out of those working the streets.
Lucky for them the Palo Alto Police Department has come up with a solution
for that, #CopsLoveLemonadeStands.

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