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Executive Director
alt Leslie McGill, CAE
Office – 916-325-9004
Fax – 916-481-8008
Contact For: 
Executive Committee
Board of Directors    
Finance Committee
Symposium Sponsorships
Strategic Partners Opportunities
Corporate Circle Opportunities

Training and Program Manager

alt Meagan Catafi              
Office – 916-325-9005                      
Fax – 916-481-8008
Contact For: 
P.O.S.T. Certified Training 
WLLE Training Symposium
Annual Training Symposium 
Training Committee

Marketing and Digital Media Manager
  Sara Edmonds (Dwyer)
Office – 916-325-9006                 
Fax – 916-481-8008

Contact For:
California Police Chief Magazine
Technology Committee
Social Media
Print Media

Member Services Manager

Shannon Mahoney
Office – 916/481-8000                       
Fax – 916/481-8008

Contact For:
Membership Inquiries
New/Retiree Member Information
Training and Conference Registration
Annual Training Symposium Trade Show
All Member E-mails

Legislative Advocate
  Jonathan Feldman
Office – 916-822-8900                       
Fax – 916-481-8008

Contact For:
Legislative Related Media Inquires
Legislative Committee
Legislative Positions and Background


Legal Counsel
Jones & Mayer
3777 North Harbor Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92835
Office – 714/446-1400
Fax – 714/446-1448

California Police Chiefs Association

PO Box 255745
Sacramento, CA 95865