The CPCA Excellence in Technology Innovation Award is sponsored by Motorola and recognizes a California municipal police agency's superior achievement and innovation in the field of technology. This award program is designed to recognize exceptional, innovative, and extraordinary achievement in law enforcement technology-based programs, efforts, or initiatives that benefit law enforcement as a profession.


Innovation in Technology -The award highlights the achievement of an agency using technology to innovatively provide police services, such as; improving officer safety and efficiency, engaging the community, or impacting crime.

While agencies are constantly procuring technology as part of their police operations, this award seeks to recognize agencies whose creative use of technology (be it hardware, software, or digital platforms) has significantly changed and/or set themselves apart from the standard application of technology in police services.

Criteria and Judging:

Nominations may be submitted by any California municipal police agency through a web-based application on the CPCA website. Applications will be judged by a panel of experts from CPCA’s Technology Committee and a representative from Motorola.
The following five criteria areas will be used to judge nomination submissions:

  1. Technical Merit
  2. Level of Innovation 
  3. Effectiveness 
  4. Ability to replicate*
  5. Overall Impact

The award will be presented at the CPCA Annual Training Symposium.

Application Deadline:

Monday, February 5, 2018  

*we recognize that there are some projects/ programs that cannot be replicated

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