Established in 1966, the California Police Chiefs Association is an organization that represents municipal law enforcement agencies in California.

The State has been divided into 16 regions and the police chief representative from those areas is also a member of the Board. Each regional representative acts as the official liaison between the Association and Police Chiefs in the local area regarding issues related to the law enforcement community and the administration of municipal police agencies.

The California Police Chiefs Association is an influential participant in the State of California’s legislative process. The Association stretches throughout the state and its membership is comprised of many well respected and nationally recognized Police Chiefs.

The objectives of the association are to promote and advance the science and art of police administration and crime prevention; and to develop and disseminate professional administrative practices, and to promote their use in the police profession; to foster police cooperation and the exchange of information and experience throughout the State; to bring about recruitment and training of qualified persons in the police profession; to encourage the adherence of all police officers to high professional standards of conduct in strict compliance with the Law Enforcement Officer’s Code of Ethics.

The California Police Chiefs Association committees offer involvement in working with peers to assess current issues in law enforcement and develop solutions, ideas and projects in response to those issues. The California Police Chiefs Association committees are active in developing publications, sample policies and guidelines which serve to assist members in their jobs. Standing committees of the Association include: Training, Standards & Ethics, Law & Legislation, Nominations & Past Presidents, Associate Member, Small Agency, Large Agency, Technology, Communication/Membership, and Retired Members. As contemporary issues are identified, ad hoc committees are established to provide guidance to the Association and its membership.

The political environment mandates that The California Police Chiefs Association speak on behalf of police leadership and for the law enforcement community in California. The California Police Chiefs Association provides the opportunity for a voice in the legislature by influencing public safety legislation through The California Police Chiefs Association Government Relations Program.

The California Police Chiefs Association Annual Conference provides the opportunity to participate in educational session, listen to keynote speakers on issues related to the administration of law enforcement agencies and the industry, and interact and network with other municipal chiefs of police.