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CPCA Political Endorsements


The California Police Chiefs Association is the primary provider of front-line law enforcement services in California. Over 26 million Californians look to municipal police departments - and only to municipal police departments - for their police protection. We take our responsibility of providing direct public safety services to this overwhelming majority of Californians very seriously.


The California Police Chiefs Association's endorsement policy is entirely non-partisan.  We take positions on statewide constitutional offices, state legislative offices, federal legislative offices, state elected offices, and ballot initiatives that have fundamental impacts on law enforcement.  We require candidates wishing to have the endorsement of the California Police Chiefs Association to complete an endorsement questionnaire. The association’s Political Action Committee, comprising of active and retired police chiefs reviews every submitted questionnaire and makes an endorsement recommendation to the board of directors. All endorsements are contingent on a vote of the full board of directors.


Please see below for our 2018 endorsement schedule. Questionnaires submitted after the listed deadline will not be considered until the next scheduled board meeting.



2018 Election Deadlines

Deadline to Submit Questionnaire: November 7th 2017
Endorsement Decision:  December 7th 2017


Deadline to Submit Questionnaire: February 18th 2018
Endorsement Decision: March 18th 2018


Deadline to Submit Questionnaire: May 9th 2018
Endorsement Decision: June 9th 2018


Deadline to Submit Questionnaire: August 14th 2018*
Endorsement Decision: September 14th 2018


For additional questions or to request a candidate questionnaire please contact our Legislative Advocate, Jonathan Feldman, at jfeldman@californiapolicechiefs.org.


*Please note this is our final deadline for the 2018 general election