Training Courses

The California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) is pleased to offer the following training courses for members and non-members of CPCA. The courses, which are all offered on multiple dates in various parts of California, range from one day to four days. We encourage you to sign up and take advantage of these great training opportunities which promise to provide personal and professional growth. REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY FOR ALL COURSES.

Role of the Police Chief
This four day POST Plan III course will prepare you for assuming the position of chief of police, and what to do and what not to do when you first take the job. You will learn about the expectations of the chief of police from the: city manager, elected officials, news media, and police chiefs’ points of view. Also covered in this course are shaping public policy, labor relations and personnel issues, legal issues, leading in a political environment, organizational development and change, public engagement, crisis communication, leadership and planning your career as a police executive. 

Succeeding as a Police Chief: Beyond the Basics

This three day course best serves those who are new to the Police Chief role or have already taken the Role of the Chief course. Participants will explore the first six months on the job, identify department priorities, and listen to common first year challenges. Participants will also learn how to build effective command staff teams and the best practices in strategic visioning and planning. Highlights of the course will include managing the professional and personal challenges of being a Chief and contemporary issues in 21st Century policing. 

Police Chief/City Manager Course

The working relationship of the City Manager and the Police Chief is a critical element of successful local government. To be effective, each must have an understanding of various activities and critical elements. Through various exercises and lecture this course will provide both with a better understanding of each persons roles and how to collaborate together in the best interest of their city. The Police Chief/City Manager course is a two-day course, POST Plan III.

In this workshop your team will identify personal communication, roles and expectations, learn to manage crisis communications, develop community relations and public trust and develop a plan to preserve the relationship between both roles.

Partnering for Success: Role of the Chief’s Executive Assistant

This two day seminar offers a great learning experience not only for current Chief’s Executive Assistants, but also for those who regularly fill in during their absence and those who aspire to become an Executive Assistant in the future. This course teaches the expectations of the chief of police and how to best assist them, how to handle difficult and crisis situations, and tools to increase your value and improve job performance.

Role of the Police Chief Executive Assistant Advanced Course

This two-day course will be presented in a blended, group dynamic, lecture format. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions from field experts and to interact and build relationships with their peers. This course is designed for those who have already attended the Partnering for Success: Role of the Chief's Executive Assistant. Based on survey feedback and the success of the initial course, attendees will get a deep-dive into various topics, some covered in the first course and some new. The course will once again be led by Retired Chief Deb Linden and Executive Assistant Melanie Randel and include software instruction by Derek Crawford. Attendance of the basic course is a requirement for attendance of the advanced course.


Strategic and Succession Planning for Chiefs of Police & Seconds in Command

In these volatile and uncertain times, the need to prioritize and stabilize our resources, budget and programs has never been greater.  Today, both private and public sector organizations are developing and updating their business (strategic) plans to continue their mission and improve the likelihood of success. Part of this plan is examining staff development, retention, and recruitment and training the current and future leaders of our agencies.

The California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) has designed an intensive, one-day course for Chiefs of Police and Seconds-in-Command to give them the skills necessary to create these plans expeditiously and cost effectively.  This class will examine the strategic and succession planning processes and combines the discussion of current strategic and succession plans with interactive exercises.

Areas to be covered include:

  • Change Management
  • Identifying Values, Mission Statement and Vision
  • Assessment
  • Issue Identification
  • Goals and Strategies
  • Workforce Analysis and Gap Identification
  • Staff Development, Recruitment, Retention and Knowledge Transfer Strategies
  • Evaluation Measures

Students will be provided with a variety of strategic plans and material necessary to develop and implement agency plans.


Technology Summit

The CPCA Technology Summit is a training and brainstorming opportunity for chiefs and respective members of their agencies. Through this one-day summit attendees will hear from peers who have been through the process of selecting a vendor from RFP to project implementation. They will have an opportunity to listen to candid struggles and success straight from the mouths of other agencies. 

September 21, 2017 - Morgan Hill


 What's Your Story Summit 

What’s Your Story? How to tell YOUR story and change the narrative through digital and mainstream media. Is a one-day panel training summit that will focus on subject matters such as:

  • Why? Why we need to change the narrative
  • How to build your news platform
  • Telling the stories your community may not know about
  • What does the community want to hear from you?
  • How to communicate the new narrative internally
  • Addressing an OIS

 January 25, 2018 - San Diego


Partnering for Success: Seconds in Command

This course is designed to provide the participant with an awareness and understanding of current issues relating to the job of “Second in Command”. We will identify issues or problems and practice leadership by developing an appropriate response. We will focus on cultivating your relationship with the Chief. By understanding your role and the role of the chief, your team and the entire department will succeed.

  • TBD


Effective Leadership: The Leadership Challenge for Police Executives
In a world where the only constant is change, where citizens have never looked more to their law enforcement leaders for safety and security, and turnover among police executives continues at a rapid pace, leadership training is the most wanted topic by Chiefs of Police. Inspired by the best-selling book The Leadership Challenge and adapted for law enforcement, this two-day, POST Plan IV workshop introduces The Five Practice of Exemplary Leadership. 

In this workshop, you will identify your leadership strengths and areas for improvement, better communicate and focus the efforts of others on fundamental values and beliefs. You will learn how to inspire others to share a common vision and build collaboration, teamwork, and trust.  Finally, you will learn how to strengthen others’ abilities to excel.  

  • TBD


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