Welcome to the California Police Chiefs Association. Our Association is comprised of more than 1500 members; including California police chiefs, members of their command staff, and retired police chiefs. They represent 332 municipal police departments, serving more than 26 million Californians living in communities across our state.  


The California Police Chiefs Association exists to be the voice of and resource of choice for California Police Chiefs. We support our members in a variety of critical areas and strive to be a strategic partner to assist police chiefs in effectively and professionally serving their communities. This year we continue to face a multitude of policing challenges including; criminal recidivism, mental illness, homelessness drug addiction, stop data collection, and advancing trust and legitimacy of our profession. We are committed to engaging our communities, elected officials, public safety partners and academia to build systems and resources that effectively overcome these challenges.


Our active engagement on issues of public safety policy and legislation will help shape the future of policing, provide professional development to our members and strengthen trust and respect of the policing profession. The California Police Chiefs Association is committed to providing contemporary and relevant training, resources and access to a large pool of experienced law enforcement specialists to ensure California's law enforcement executives, are well prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.


 I hope you find this website a useful resource that offers ease of accessibility, accurate and timely information, as well as the opportunity to highlight the outstanding, innovative work that is occurring daily in our communities. If you need further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact the California Police Chief’s talented team members. Our staff directory is located on the website here.


It is an honor to serve as President of the California Police Chiefs Association. I look forward to working in partnership with all stakeholders to enhance public safety in California and fundamentally improve the quality of life in the communities we proudly serve.


Edward Medrano