2017 Legislative Recommendations

Chief Ken Corney, CPCA President

Chief Jenifer Tejada, CPCA Legislative Committee Chair 
Jonathan Feldman, CPCA Legislative Advocate- [email protected]

The following priority areas were identified by the Cal Chiefs Board for the 2017 legislative year. 

Sponsored Legislative Recommendations


Proposition 47 (JF)

We recommend supporting legislation that would allow for the DNA collection of individuals convicted of certain misdemeanors and legislation that would require or greatly incentivize those convicted of drug possession to enter drug treatment programs.

Finally, we recommend co-sponsoring legislation to penalize organized retail theft and repeat property crime offenders. This will likely have to go back to the voters in 2018.

CalGang Database (JF)

We recommend proactively introducing legislation to provide accountability, oversight and transparency to the CalGang database in a manner that responds directly to the 2016 State Audit of the database. 

Illegal Sideshows/ Vehicle Exhibitions (JF)

We recommend co-sponsoring legislation with the City of Oakland to respond to illegal sideshows/ exhibitions.

Local Emergency Order to Suspend Liquor Licenses (JF)

We recommend exploring co-sponsoring legislation with the League of California Cities allowing locals to petition to the AB to immediately suspend a liquor license. 

Oral Fluids (LM)

We recommend sponsoring AB 6 (Lackey) to authorize the collection of oral fluids as part of a field sobriety test.


Marijuana Legislation Recommendations (LM)

We recommend working on an all-encompassing bill package to provide clean-up and reconciliation between the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act in a manner that protects local control and public safety.

We recommend working on legislation that applies the licensee advertising restrictions to ancillary businesses such as ‘Weedmaps’ and ‘Eaze’.

We recommend working on legislation that provides parity between public/ semi-public tobacco advertising and marijuana advertising.

We recommend working to fast-track funding for CHP for their Drug Recognition Expert and training efforts, defining open container, developing a standing task-force for impaired driving and creating equal penalties for using marijuana and drinking while driving.