Critical Content Series

The Critical Content Series is a way for us to serve as a resource to our members during this challenging and difficult time. We intend to offer FREE timely training on various topics that will provide information and guidance to our members in how to best serve their agency and communities during this time of uncertainty. Agencies will be facing immediate and long-term effects resulting from this pandemic, and it is our objective to provide our members with opportune training that will aim to equip you with the information and resources you need to combat these challenges you may face. The critical content that we plan on delivering will be available virtually in either a lecture or panel format and will be brief yet informative to accommodate your demanding schedules.

Episode One: Perspectives on Maneuvering Through Budget Cuts to Staff and Services

COVID-19 has created budgetary deficits where balanced budgets and reserves once stood. Many departments have not had to face staff and service cuts like this for several years. CPCA has assembled an experienced panel to provide insights and ideas from the perspective of a chiefs and city managers that could greatly assist you in mitigating damaging long-term effects of budget cuts. 

This panel will be presented live on Tuesday, May 26th from 1:30PM - 3:00PM via Zoom. 

The panelists are (please click on links for bios):
Chief Ed Medrano, Chief of the Division of Law Enforcement, California DOJ and former Gardena City Manager
Chief Jackie Gomez-Whiteley (retired), Cypress Police Department
Chief Bernard Melekian (retired), Pasadena Police Department

The panel will be moderated by Chief Thomas Chaplin of Walnut Creek Police Department.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. This event is free to our members.

Episode Two: Connecting during COVID-19: How Law Enforcement Agencies Can Resonate During the Pandemic

In unprecedented times, law enforcement agencies have been tasked with ensuring their communities are updated and educated on all that is going on to slow the spread of COVID-19. How you do that online, particularly on social media, is a critical piece of working to keep communities safe and healthy. Learn about ways you can amplify public safety messages, easily share complex information in understandable ways, and see how new ways of conveying information will play a beneficial role in your agency’s efforts.

This training will be available on Wednesday 6/3/20