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Grandma Cop

The Grandma Cop Child Safety program is a highly effective program of teaching safety lessons to elementary school age children. Trained citizen volunteers present lessons to school classes and youth groups. Topics include Personal Safety, Home Alone, Safety Check People, Strangers Asking for Help, Bullying, Dares and Peer Pressure, Avoiding Gangs, Gun Safety, Bicycle Safety, Traffic Awareness, What to do if Someone is Lost, and Computer Internet Safety. It was developed to provide an effective method of teaching young children about safety issues and their responsibility for themselves and others.

The Challenge:

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Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Law enforcement is in the news now more than ever and unfortunately, what the media is not reporting on is all the good that law enforcement has been doing.  So we here at Cal Chiefs thought we would take a moment and highlight all good that our members are doing. Sit back and enjoy!

Members of the Santa Monica PD helped wrap gifts that will be given out next week to children at PAL's youth center. This year PAL collected enough toys to put smiles on the faces of about 300 children!

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“Thumbs Up..We Got This”: Fighting more than crime with the support of community

by: Lori Butterworth, Founder and Executive Director, Jacobs Heart

Last August I had a meeting with Watsonville Chief of Police, Manny Solano, regarding a youth violence prevention project we were working on. Chief Solano came to the Jacob’s Heart family center for the meeting. I was honored to give the Chief a tour of center and show him photos and of the children in our city who have endured cancer, and those we have lost to cancer.  

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Agencies from all over California celebrate National Night Out

Hundreds of communities all over California gathered to celebrate this years National Night Out.  

“America’s Night Out Against Crime” began in 1984 in an effort to  promote involvement in crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.National Night Out is held annually nationwide on the first Tuesday in August. The first National Night Out took place on Tuesday August 7, 1984 with over 2.5 million Americans participating in over 400 communities and 23 states. National Night Out now involves over 37 million people and 15,000 communities from all fifty states, U.S. Territories, Canadian cities, and military bases worldwide.

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Initiatives to improve safety and community health earn City national distinction.

By Chief Lisa Rosalas, San Pablo Police Department

The San Pablo Police Department is pleased to share that the National Civic League (NCL) named the City of San Pablo an All-American City for 2014. The All-America City Awards, a 65-year old award program recognizing communities across the United States for outstanding civic accomplishments, were announced in Denver, Colorado and featured delegations from 25 cities across the United States.

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Doing More With Less

Doing more with less

Posted 06/04/2014 1:32 pm


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Police Chiefs Flex Their Legislative Muscles at the State Capitol

Cal Chiefs held its first very successful Annual Legislative Day May 14th in Sacramento and more than 70 police chiefs attended.

The event kicked off Tuesday evening May 13th with a reception at the State Capitol and more than 20 legislators attended, including Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. The reception was a great way for chiefs to have a casual conversation with their legislators.

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Service with a NEW Smile

As the Community Impact Officer, Officer Trahan often deals with issues of the homeless population throughout the City. In the fall of this year, she began working with one particular woman, Ms. Harvey, who became homeless due to losing her job at a warehouse where she had worked for ten years. The company, intent on lowering their fiscal overhead, moved to Mexico. For the past two years, Ms. Harvey has been homeless and unable to secure another job. Officer Trahan felt part of the reason for her unemployment was because of her dental problems.

Ms. Harvey explained to Officer Trahan that she began losing her teeth five years ago due to not having dental insurance and not being able to afford dental care. When Officer Trahan met her, she only had three teeth left.

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One of the Toughest Beats in America

By Chief Michael Grant

Stallion Springs Police Department

Throughout my law enforcement career, I have had countless people from all walks of life thank my partners and I for the job we do, for being cops, and for protecting their families. I have always tried to keep things in perspective and to remember that I am a public servant and that my badge represents the public’s trust in me to do the right thing. Fire fighters are thanked on a regular basis for their heroism, and the risks they take to protect lives and property throughout their careers as well. There are many facets to public service and for the most part, public servants serve with honor and integrity.

But imagine going to work every day or night, in uniform, to a place surrounded by walls and fences, where the great majority of the people you serve and protect are hostile, violent and often deadly. Where, on the beat you walk, to keep people from killing each other and from killing your partners, you’re armed only with pepper spray, a radio, baton, handcuffs, keys, and a whistle, and a vigilant eye in the tower above. This is the beat that a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Officer walks; possibly the thinnest of blue line’s anywhere. Our local Tehachapi prison (CCI), houses approximately 4,359 felonious inmates, a population more dense than some townships in the Tehachapi area.

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California Police Chiefs Kick Off 37th Annual Training Symposium in Monterey

Over 300 police chiefs and law enforcement officials from throughout the state are scheduled to attend CPCA’s 37th Annual Training Symposium February 23-27 at the Portola Plaza Hotel in Monterey which will feature more than 12 training and professional development workshops.

The Symposium kicks off with the Opening Ceremony and Fallen Officer Tribute on Monday February 24th at 8:30 am in the Steinbeck Auditorium in the Monterey Conference Center. The Fallen Officer Tribute remembers and honors the lives of California law enforcement officers who tragically lost their lives in the line of duty in the previous year.  

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Dynamic speakers you WON'T want to miss!

The 37th Annual Cal Chiefs Training Symposium is just around the corner. If you haven't already, be sure you register! You're not going to want to miss this speaker line up!

Monday, February 24, 2014

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Ukiah Police Department Builds Muscles and Camaraderie

After almost 30 years in law enforcement, Police Chief Chris Dewey knows that continuing to do things the way they’ve always been done is a great way to fall behind. New threats require new approaches, and any activity that improves morale, builds camaraderie, enhances physical fitness and sharpens mental focus is good for his whole team.

With this in mind, Chief Dewey approached Louis Maldonado, 37-year martial arts veteran and the owner of a local gym. Chief Dewey asked if Maldonado would be willing to tailor a class for Ukiah Police Department employees. That was five years ago, and the benefits have been outstanding.

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Tis' the be generous

What makes the Holiday's great? Well, other than getting to eat all the yummy food around the office? The real answer you ask, the men and women in law enforcement and the generosity they have toward their community. What follows are just a few of the photos and stories from some of our members. We couldn't be prouder! This folks, is what the spirit of giving is all about!

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Tip-A-Cop for Special Olympics

On May 20th, 21st and 22nd, San Luis Obispo County hosted three Tip-A-Cop Dinners in support of the Special Olympics San Luis Obispo County Region. The annual event, coordinated by Lt. Bill Proll of the San Luis Obispo Police Department, raised over $90,000 for the Special Olympics. This is the most money ever raised at San Luis Obispo Tip-A-Cop events. Employees from all local law enforcement agencies volunteered their time to serve 2400 dinners.

Tip-A-Cop events in SLO County aren’t the typical events where agencies partner with restaurants. Instead, the dinners are a huge undertaking as all food and beverages are donated by local grocers and distributors. The meals are then prepared by volunteer local service groups and served by agency staff. The $90,000 raised went directly to support the SLO County Special Olympics programming.

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Former COPS director offers external review

We live in cynical times, law enforcement veteran Bernard K. Melekian says.

“We’re in an era where skepticism about the government and, particularly about the police, is at an all-time high,” says Melekian, known by friends and colleagues as Barney. “Ten to 15 years ago, a law enforcement agency would conduct its own internal review when an issue or problem arose.

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Redwood PD launches effort to better understand city’s youth

The five high school students took a seat on the couches as three cops and a school official intently studied their faces.

But instead of grilling the teens about a stolen iPhone, graffiti on the gym wall or some other criminal incident, the adults were on hand to bend their ears – and to hear their opinions about what constructive summer programs the kids would be interested in participating in should they become available in Redwood City.

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Across county lines, police collaborate in child abductions

The call came in on a recent Friday afternoon.

Missing 4-year-old boy.

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Chief Has a Few Tricks Up His Sleeve

Greg Finch uses talent in magic to connect with his community

Campbell Police Chief Greg Finch can’t magically make crime disappear.

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Cops on paddle boards turn heads in Truckee

Once again this summer, for the second consecutive year, the Truckee Police Department is preparing to make a splash – with a patrol team believed to be the only one of its kind in the world.

In a program that is less about law enforcement than it is about strengthening ties with residents of this outdoorsy community northwest of Lake Tahoe, four officers from the Truckee P.D. will be taking turns patrolling Donner Lake from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend on stand-up paddle boards.

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Stockton PD Community-Police Partnerships Build Strong Ties

The City of Stockton has been dealt many challenges in recent years, but most recently has been hit by a triple-storm of unprecedented fiscal challenges, high amounts of violent crime, and lowered police staffing.  But even in the face of this storm, optimism has emerged.  Local stakeholders and community members have stepped up in remarkable numbers offering to work with the Stockton Police Department in the interest of public safety, and to foster better communication, trust, and collaboration.  Neighboring law enforcement agencies have stepped in to help by enhancing collaborative efforts. Difficult times bring people together, and that is beginning to make a difference in Stockton.

The Stockton Police Department, even with the challenges we face, realize we must remain committed to the philosophy of Community Policing as reflected in our Mission Statement, which is "to work in partnership with the people of Stockton to build a safe and secure community."  We do so in our ongoing vision to combat crime and focusing on four tenets – also known as “The Four P’s”:  Prediction (forecasting concepts to strategically target crime and criminals), Prevention (crime prevention and victimization reduction), Pursuit (the active enforcement and apprehension of our worst criminal offenders that commit the most crime), and Partnerships (partnerships with other law enforcement agencies and with the community in which we serve).  It is a combination of enforcement strategies, collaborative efforts with other law enforcement agencies, and community involvement and engagement. It is a balanced and blended approach.

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