Monterey Peninsula Chiefs Pool Resources to Fight Gangs and Narcotics

The City of Seaside in the Monterey Peninsula recently experienced a spike in violent crime. Homicides and gang-related shootings were up.

To combat the problem, the Monterey Peninsula law enforcement agencies unleashed a new weapon that goes far beyond its municipal border: a program called PRVNT, for Peninsula Regional Violence and Narcotics Team, a regional effort in which several Monterey Peninsula law enforcement agencies have pooled staff and resources to protect their communities in these cash-strapped times.

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Officer-involved shooting Oxnard chief's 'biggest challenge ever'

The call came in at 10:22 on a Saturday night.

As she normally is at that time, Oxnard Police Chief Jeri Williams was asleep. After all, being responsible for roughly 400 sworn and civilian employees and an annual operating budget of more than $50 million can be a tiring job.

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Chief pursues, arrests armed man with stolen property

Robert “Rob” Handy was settling into his seat at Coco’s waiting for his breakfast appointment to show up. What started as a typical Wednesday morning for San Bernardino’s chief of police — meeting with a Neighborhood Watch president to go over some issues — took an abrupt turn to the highly unusual.

“Hey,” Neighborhood Watch President Lloyd Roberts told Handy as he took a seat across from him. “That guy who opened the door for me is trying to sell me tools, and he’s acting strange.”

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Pacifica PD leads regional effort to halt old problem of young drinkers

Fatal DUI-related accidents aren’t unheard of in the Bay Area city of Pacifica, a scenic town of about 40,000 situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. But a single-car crash fueled by alcohol and speed that claimed the lives of two teenagers in February 2005 put the issue of minors and booze in the spotlight – and sent Pacifica police scrambling to take action to reduce the chances of a similar tragedy ever happening again.

A member of the Pacifica P.D. went to work and wrote a proposal for a grant from the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. In the fiscal year 2006-07, the Pacifica P.D. was awarded that grant and put the money to good use by establishing an operation targeting underage drinking through the use of minor decoy operations, “shoulder tap” operations and going after problem alcohol establishments.

Once the local program was successful, the Pacifica P.D. was awarded the $100,000 grant for 2007-08, which included other law enforcement agencies.

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