Call for Service is Extended to Furry Family Member

This amazing story is brought to you by the La Verne Police Department: When Officer Chris Dransfeldt started his shift on April 4, 2016 little did he know he'd be an ambulance driver for someone's family pet. At about 4:20pm, La Verne dispatch received a call from a frantic 17 year old girl who was home with the family pet, an 11 year old Chocolate Lab named Bailey. The young girl told dispatch that Bailey had just been bit in the face by a rattlesnake while playing in the back yard. Officers Chris Dransfeldt and Greg Rodriguez responded to the residence in North La Verne near the Foothills where rattlesnake sightings are common.

On arrival, Officer Dransfeldt noticed that Bailey had been bit near one eye and was starting to have a reaction as his face was beginning to swell up. The young girl told Officer Dransfeldt that the dog was like another child to her parents and the family would be devastated if Bailey was to die. Officer Dransfeldt, after seeing that the young girl did not have a mode of transportation, told her to call her mother who was at work. Once on the phone, Officer Dransfeldt explained the circumstances and asked what she wanted to do with the dog. The mother explained that she was at work and could not leave and if she were to leave, by the time she got there it might be too late.

Officer Dransfeldt, who is himself a dog lover and seeing what the dog meant to the family, took it upon himself to take the dog to the nearest veterinary hospital in La Verne. When he arrived he was told that they did not have any anti venom and the only animal hospital that carried it was located in Upland. Officer Dransfeldt put Bailey in the back seat of his cruiser, where he lay whimpering from the pain of the bite, and quickly, but carefully drove to VCA Animal Hospital in Upland. The veterinarians quickly began administering anti venom along with fluids in order to save Bailey's life. Bailey spent the night at the hospital and, we are happy to report, he was released this morning and is back home recuperating with his family and will be fine.

This is just one great example of an officer going above and beyond for their community. And their community appreciated it more than they thought. The department posted this great story on their Facebook page and the responses they received from their community were overwhelming. Way to go La Verne PD! 

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