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Service with a NEW Smile

As the Community Impact Officer, Officer Trahan often deals with issues of the homeless population throughout the City. In the fall of this year, she began working with one particular woman, Ms. Harvey, who became homeless due to losing her job at a warehouse where she had worked for ten years. The company, intent on lowering their fiscal overhead, moved to Mexico. For the past two years, Ms. Harvey has been homeless and unable to secure another job. Officer Trahan felt part of the reason for her unemployment was because of her dental problems.

Ms. Harvey explained to Officer Trahan that she began losing her teeth five years ago due to not having dental insurance and not being able to afford dental care. When Officer Trahan met her, she only had three teeth left.

Officer Trahan decided to contact a local dentist, Dr. Ashok Mehta of Southland Dental Arts, and inquired if he would be willing to assist with providing dental care. He agreed and began treating Ms. Harvey, providing her with dentures. Dr. Mehta donated his time and only charged for lab fees. Officer Trahan contacted the Tustin Police Foundation and they offered to pay the $500.00 lab fees.

Officer Trahan was also able to find shelter for Ms. Harvey at the Village of Hope. She is very thankful for Officer Trahan’s compassion, and is very grateful to be at the Village of Hope where she is learning a new vocation so she can become a productive member of society again!

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