Tajikistan Female Officers Scheduled to Attend This Years Women Leaders in Law Enforcement

The officers are coming to the Bay Area to participate in and attend the Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Training Symposium (WLLE) taking place October 6-8, 2013 in San Jose. 

Female police officers in Tajikistan have been traditionally assigned to administrative duties only, very similar to the beginnings of law enforcement in the United States. This visit to the U.S. is designed to allow the Tajik officers to watch American female police officers handle crime alongside their male counterparts. Tajikistan is moving toward having their female police officers handle crimes against women and children, a progression that mirrors the evolution of female police officers in America.

The Tajik women selected to attend WLLE have undergone a 6-week Women's Empowerment Program (WEP) Training Course that was conducted at the MIA Police Academy in Khujand. The WEP course will also be provided in the regions of Dushanbe (capitol city), Khotlan, Rusht Valley and Khorog. The training program consists of 22 core competencies developed and designed by TEG specifically for the WEP. Participants included five (5) female police officers assigned to the MIA Dept. of Juvenile Offender Prevention, two (2) female police officers assigned to MIA Domestic Violence Units, two (2) female police officers assigned to the MIA Police Academy - Khujand, one (1) female police officer assigned to the Traffic Unit, and one (1) female civilian assigned to Community Policing. All training was provided by female SMEs in the fields of Domestic Violence, Gender Issues, Crime Scene Management, Interview and Interrogation, Female Defensive Tactics, Psychology and Tactical Police Bicycle Patrol.  The Bicycle Patrol training is an integral part of the WEP Program to ensure officers the greatest access to the community, particularly women and children. The objective is further cooperation between TEG, WEP Bike Team Officers, MIA, local NGOs, and other women’s organizations to work in cooperation to ultimately combat domestic violence, youth crime issues, suicides and other gender related issues.

Below are some photos of their graduation. We are looking forward to meeting all of you next week! 
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