The Pink Patch Project

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every October you can’t help but notice the conspicuous infusion of pink on NFL team uniforms, Major League Baseball teams, and on the clothes of breast cancer survivors and supporters.  But this year you won’t have to turn on a professional sports event to see pink enhanced uniforms.  All you’ll need to do is have contact with a Seal Beach Police employee or volunteer.

That’s right, for the entire month of October; Seal Beach Police personnel will be wearing their traditional uniform with a uniquely embroidered pink patch.  The “Pink Patch Project” as it is known around the station is the brainchild of one of the cancer survivors who works at the Seal Beach Police Department.

If you ask anyone at the department about who is responsible for the project, they’ll much more likely turn the focus to the key elements of the project; raising cancer awareness and funds, the unique public agency, charitable organization and private enterprise collaboration, and the efforts and support of the members of the Seal Beach Police Department.

The partnership is between Seal Beach Police Department, the Law Enforcement Cancer Support Foundation (LECSF) a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, and 5.11 Tactical, a police and tactical equipment manufacturer.

Seal Beach Police Department personnel will be wearing custom patches created by National Emblem. The patches have been purchased and donated by the Seal Beach Police Officer’s Association.  The patches will be stitched onto uniforms that are being offered as part of a donation to the LECSF, by Irvine based 5.11 Tactical. 

At the end of the month, the patches will be removed and sold to collectors. The proceeds of the sales will go to the LECSF.  The end result is a campaign that has no fiscal impact on the Seal Beach Police Department, and will raise awareness and money for a great cause.

Uniform manufacturer and project partner 5.11 Tactical is always seeking unique opportunities to connect with the community. They are proud to partner with the Seal Beach Police Department and the LECSF in this endeavor. Guy Burgstahler, Chief Marketing Officer for 5.11 Tactical, had this to say about the project, "We're honored to be part of this unique program and appreciate the opportunity to continue building our relationships with local law enforcement and their respective communities."

Collectors interested in purchasing the patch may contact Amanda Webber, at 562/799-4100 extension 1123 or via email [email protected]. There are a limited number of patches available and they are being sold at $20.00 each.

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