The most sought-after training topic by members of the CPCA for over the past 14 years is leadership. Not coincidentally, its one of the most popular training topics in the world.

Recognizing that training needs still exist during the pandemic, the CPCA Training Committee will be providing a series of 60 to 90 minute virtual leadership trainings led and instructed by retired Chief Pete Dunbar in early 2021. There isn’t one cookie-cutter approach to leadership, so the CPCA Leadership series will examine several leadership programs, philosophies and ideas for our members to implement in your agency. The training will consist of the following sessions. It is your choice whether you want to attend one or multiple sessions.


Session I: The Leadership Challenge
Based on the best-selling book written by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, we will examine leadership principles, five practices and thirty behaviors that have been proven to make leaders more effective.  You will be able to examine your own behaviors and what you can do to become more effective, as well as mentor others to become better leaders.

Session II: CPCA Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) Principles & Practices
The highly-rated CPCA ELI has brought many of our leaders together for two weeks each summer for the past several years.  In partnership with the Drucker School of Management at Claremont University, this program focuses on principles of Peter Drucker with a law enforcement perspective.  We will highlight some of those principles with retired chief and program manager Jackie Gomez-Whiteley.

Session III: Building a Leadership Development Program in Your Agency
Promoting skills and an understanding of the complex environment of being a chief or police executive is critical to organizational success in promotions and succession planning. Developing a formal program within your agency that can include mentoring, job shadowing, rotation and other components shows a commitment to your employees today and in the future. We will look at agency policies, practices and hear from what some agencies have formally implemented.

Series IV: Leadership Perspectives
Current and retired members of the CPCA will share some of their leadership experiences and principles that made them successful.  Learning from these experiences can be valuable in moving forward, especially in these challenging times.

Registration information available coming SOON!