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FREE Training - Targeting Illicit Massage Parlors

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Special Bulletin: California First District Court of Appeal Decision Disagrees With Santa Ana POA Case and Holds That Peace Officers Under Administrative Investigation Are NOT Automatically Entitled to Reports and Complaints Prior to Any Further Interrogation
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Disclosing Law Enforcement Personnel Records
The Intersection Between Brady Lists, Pitchess Statutes and SB 1421.
California law enforcement agencies in California are now confronted with the interplay among Brady lists and alerts, the Public Records Act, and Pitchess statutes and how they work together to provide disclosure of information to prosecutors and the public.Click for more information!


Tech Talk: Law Enforcement Needs a Search Engine

Communities across California and America are facing the tough task of countering violent crime while maintaining trust in their law enforcement agencies. In this article in Police Chief Magazine, "Law Enforcement Needs A Search Engine" Brad Davis, CEO of Forensic Logic and Chris Moore, former Chief of Police of San Jose PD, make the case that data-driven precision is the way to accomplish both. They point to successes in Oakland, CA which demonstrate that with proper access to the right information, crime reduction doesn't need to come at the expense of strong community relations.


How to Overcome the Chaos of Managing Officer Schedules
Shifting schedules have long sparked complaints among police officers. Not every police department faces the same woes of unpredictable hours and on-call shifts, but fluctuating officer schedules pose challenges for many. In recent years, studies have found that for many officers, working erratic shifts can take a major toll on their well-being. Click here for more information!


Let's Talk About Interoperability
Jason Porter, President| AT&T Public Sector and FirstNet | March 4, 2021
Contrary to assertions by some, FirstNet is inherently interoperable because it adheres to open international wireless standards (3GPP) as required by federal law. It is the foundation for public safety to achieve standards-based, mission-critical interoperability between communications systems.

Health and Wellness
The Chief's Health article:
The Importance Of Good Health For People In Leadership Roles


Critical References at Your Fingertips
Law enforcement personnel encounter an overload of challenges every day. You must think and react quickly. Prepare yourself with guidance at your fingertips—visor cards that help you evaluate and consider options in a range of emergencies. American Military University’s visor cards cover a multitude of critical topics, including Officer Stress Management, Recognizing Human Trafficking Victims, and Laser Assault Awareness. These complementary 4-in. x 6-in. laminated cards can be tucked in a patrol car visor, placed on a clipboard, or carried in a pocket for quick reference.


The mind-body connection: Emotional & biological effects of hypervigilance

A recent Cordico webinar featuring Dr. Black and Dr. Gilmartin highlighted the deleterious effects of hypervigilance and the mind-body connection. While we increasingly talk about the psychological toll this career can impose, we rarely connect that damage to the physical realm. Prolonged chronic stress affects people physically. In another excellent blog contribution, Miriam Child examines this nexus and offers solutions.

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