The California Police Chiefs Association continues to be a strong voice at the state capitol and in communities throughout California. Police chiefs in our state have continued a reputation of preserving an objective view of facts, seeking truth, a devotion to protecting California and defending our Constitution. We have proven our ability to be open-minded and our willingness to change our profession for the better, in the advancement of the policing profession. The credibility earned by California police chiefs over the past decades, allows communities to trust their local police chief as a clear and honest voice standing for the protection of victims and advocating for a safer California. Communities have great confidence in their local police chief, which gives us opportunities, and the responsibility, to be daring leaders in the protection of our cities. Our association represents 333 California municipal police chiefs, 368 associate members, and 834 retired members. This represents more than 1,500 influential leaders focused on improving police/community partnerships, defending against bad legislation that would make California less safe, championing good policy and ensuring California maintains excellent public safety. We have experienced significant criminal justice reforms over the past decade, and some bring new and unique challenges. Courageous leadership requires us to be firm in our principles and bold in action, in our commitment to California’s public safety and to ensure criminal justice reforms are only those that make sense. Working together with our communities, we can ensure California becomes a safer place to live, work and play. I look forward to leading our association this year, and partnering with you, as well as our many stakeholders to ensure sound public safety throughout our Golden State.       

Ronald Lawrence