CPCA 2019 Legislative Platform

Chief Ron Lawrence, CPCA President
Chief Corey Sianez, CPCA Legislative Committee Chair 
Jonathan Feldman, CPCA Legislative Advocate- [email protected]

The following priority areas were identified by the Cal Chiefs Board for the 2019 legislative year. 

CPCA 2019 Legislative Platform

Use of Force Legislation

Support a proactive package of legislation to address use of force concerns that target training, department policies, and update our current legal standard.

Mental Health Funding, Homelessness, and at-risk youth

Support additional funding for homeless and mental health outreach teams, as well as for programs targeting at-risk youth. 

Funding for POST

Continue to advocate for long-term funding solutions for POST. 

Employment Protections for Police Chiefs

Work with local government associations to explore the possibility of legislation to secure employment protections for police chiefs let go without cause. Protections could include guaranteed severance, or similar civil service defenses.

Cannabis Enforcement

Work with state licensing entities to streamline enforcement relationship between state and locals. This includes creating a better system to share information, additional funding for local law enforcement, and strengthening enforcement capabilities within the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Keeping CA Safe Act

Continue to raise awareness regarding the deficiencies of Prop47/Prop57 and work to gain support for the fixes contained within our initiative.